Virtual office what is it? Benefits ? How to benefit from it?

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In the past, companies were considered to be large austere buildings housing several individual offices for each employee. Each building had countless rooms, and each office housed receipts and other paper documents in large lockers. This time is now over. In recent years, teleworking and digitalization have been on the rise. Working methods have evolved, notably allowing the use of virtual offices. Booming in recent years, these new kind of offices appeal to workers looking for a nomadic work environment. What does it really consist of? What are the advantages ? How to benefit from a virtual office? Discover everything there is to know about this way of working.

Unlike the traditional office in a physical room, the virtual office, sometimes called VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or  DaaS  (Desktop As A Service) refers to a dematerialized workspace. It is accessed entirely remotely. Generally offered by a domiciliation company, this service allows you to declare the head office of the company at the address of the latter online service.?

In addition, this online service allows you to benefit from various options that facilitate the management of the company and its data. Indeed, the user of the online office can in particular take advantage of services for forwarding or posting mail, secretarial services or rental of meeting rooms. In addition, the virtual office makes it possible to store all the dematerialized documents concerning the company (organization, accounting, communication, collaborative files, etc.). Improving user comfort, the virtual office makes it possible to work thanks to the Cloud .

What are the benefits of virtual office online service?

Many people today use a virtual office service. Reassuring and offering a certain flexibility, this work tool has many advantages for a company.

COST REDUCTION online service

Between the rental of premises, the acquisition of equipment (computer equipment, telephones, etc.), the maintenance of devices and miscellaneous costs (water or electricity bills, etc.), the management of a traditional office represents a certain investment. By using a virtual office, the company limits its operating costs . Indeed, this practice makes it possible to get rid of the charges attributable to the rental of a physical office. The company is only required to pay the costs relating to the subscribed offer.


One of the biggest advantages of the virtual office is that it is accessible 24/7. Indeed, the user can access it at any time of the day and night, as well as on public holidays or weekends. In addition, it is possible to access it both from a Smartphone and from a computer. The user can work in total mobility, since he no longer needs file storage systems, external hard drives or even USB keys. All of his files are stored in the cloud on his virtual desktop.


A virtual office offer often includes various services allowing management of all sectors of the company: telephone calls , occasional rental of offices or meeting rooms, mail management, cloud data management applications, etc.


The virtual desktop is a configurable tool that allows the administrator, among other things, to configure access and modification rights for each folder or file. Thus, each employee can only access the data that is essential to him to carry out his work. Furthermore, it is a relatively flexible tool that adapts to changing customer needs. Changing options can be done easily. Similarly, termination of the service, which is generally non-binding, is simplified.


The location of a physical office depends among other things on the financial capabilities of a company. In some cases, its geographical location is not necessarily engaging for partners and customers. On the other hand, by using a virtual office, the user benefits from a prestigious address that can be used as a head office. This practice thus gives a certain legitimacy to the company, allows it to improve its brand image and increase its notoriety.


Virtual offices make it possible to improve storage, backup, but also the sharing of data between the different collaborators . Their use thus makes it possible to enjoy a certain saving of time and to increase the profitability of the company’s activities.

Would you like to use a virtual office service? Two scenarios may arise depending on your situation:

For a business in creation , you can subscribe to an adapted offer with a domiciliation company. Choose in particular according to the different services offered (management of your mail, storage of your data, legal and administrative secretarial services, etc.). The address of your virtual office must then be indicated during your various administrative formalities.

For an existing company , you must subscribe to a virtual office offer with a specialized company. It is then important to change your domiciliation address and thus transfer the registered office of your establishment. The notice of modification of direct debit must be advertised in the Journal d’Annonces Légales. The declaration of the change of address to the competent Business Formalities Center (CFE) must then be made.For this, various documents must be provided:

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