5 Characteristics Of Appealing Shop Displays

Appealing Shop Displays

Speak to any merchandiser, those specialising in the design of window displays and product arrangement, and they are likely to leave you with an understanding of the potential complexity of retail displays. An appealing and effective window display relies on far more than the quality of the products used, as many retailers will soon find out, and there is no shortcut to obtaining the potential benefits associated with a so-called-successful design.

Learning the basics of retail displays is, however, easy. With these following five rules in hand, five characteristics of design, retailers will be able to establish the fundamental efforts required for an appealing shop space. Then, with such platforms in place, creativity is only limited by imagination (and budget)!

Curated Lighting

As with so many aspects of design, lighting is one of the most important aspects. A well organised display, for example, can quickly be undermined by poor lighting, leading customers to overlook a design or come away with a negative impression. This is because lighting doesn’t only affect the visibility of an object or environment but also its definition and emphasis.

As such, retailers should consider their light sources. Window displays can make excellent use of natural light but this can also be unreliable and may often require the reliability of artificial alternatives to ensure that a display looks great throughout the day. Then, when considering hero or shelving displays, such as those on slatwall panels or freestanding gondolas, it can be worthwhile adapting nearby light sources to emphasize the products. This is where spotlights and directional lights are most effective.

Quick To Read

Brand messaging, as well as any specific dialogue about the products being displayed, should be communicated quickly. Customers will pass by windows, mannequins, and product displays quickly, generally offering only a single glance. If a display fails to communicate its message quickly, it is likely to be misunderstood or, worse, instantly forgotten. Retailers must, accordingly communicate quickly, whether this is the extravagance, value, or sustainability of a product being showcased.


A successful product or brand display is one that is memorable, keeping with customers as they browse the shop space. This will help the promotion of the products used as well as to extend the browsing time of shoppers as they find themselves drawn back to investigate various designs.

 Aesthetically Pleasing

A difficult measure to quantify due to the subjectivity surrounding aesthetics, but a visually striking or impressive display is one that benefits brands as much as it does individual products. Creative design makes a considerable impression on customers and one that is positive will also leave customers with a positive impression of the brand as a whole.

Identity Association

 A display that exudes luxury will imbue products, and retailers, with such an impression, which is why jewellry retailers will go great lengths to ensure that every element of shop shelving and retail furniture is bespoke, echoing the potential value of their products. Other retailers will benefit from displays that suit their products too, such as sports brands that can shape a display to impress athleticism or accomplishment in their designs.

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